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Spotted Lanternfly Bycatch Prevention Solution

Dead pests with no vertebrate bycatch

Kill Spotted Lanternflies without bycatch

Protect your backyard habitat from the invasive Spotted Lanternfly

FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap With Bycatch Prevention Setup on backyard Tree
FOBA Spotted lanternfly trap -  Protect trees from spotted Lanternflies, stop the spread and reclaim your backyard!
Invasive Spotted Lanternfly climbing tree in a United States Backyard
FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap With Bycatch Prevention Ready To Reclaim Backyard From Invasive Spotted Lanternflies
FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap With Bycatch Prevention Ready to be set up with no additional hardware or tools
FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap Innovative Design Modular Design to adapt to different tree sizes infested by Spotted Lanternflies
FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap With Bycatch Prevention How The Spotted Lanternfly Trap Works
FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap With Bycatch Prevention Installed on United States backyard Tree Infested with Spotted Lanternflies

Prevent Bycatch when using Sticky tree tape

FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap
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The revolutionary FOBA(Friend of Backyard Animals) Spotted Lanternfly Trap is a great way to safely trap and kill Spotted Lanternflies and protect backyard trees, birds, and mammals! Sticky tree-tape is an effective solution used to trap and kill Spotted Lanternflies, however it can lead to gruesome bycatch of backyard birds and mammals... Our unique bycatch prevention system allows you to protect your yard against Spotted Lanternflies, while preventing harmful bycatch.

The FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap includes 15 cage links, a hook'n'loop fastener strap, and enough sticky tape for 5 tape refreshes on a 4' round tree! The trap works with any sticky tree tape under 10 inches in width, but we recommend FOBA Sticky Insect Tree Tape. Our 15 cage-links are compatible with trees up to 5 feet in circumference. Start protecting your yard from Spotted Lanternflies today! 

FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap Includes:
-15 Cage links
-20 Feet of FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Sticky Insect Tree Tape(Enough for 5 tape refreshes for a 4’ round tree!)
-1 Hook'n'loop fastener strap

In the Press

"They wanted to help solve the [Spotted] Lanternfly problem before the destructive insects hit the vineyards on the West Coast."

June 20th 2024

"[The} design allows for invasive bugs to...get stuck to the sticky tape [and the] protective barrier...prevents birds and mammals from getting stuck."

June 8th 2024

Squirrel on tree in the United States that used to be invested with Spotted Lanternflies and got rid of SLF with Foba Trap

"Friend of Backyard Animals," Why our patented-pending FOBA bycatch prevention traps matter.

The FOBA Trap isn't like other traps... The most effective and common method used to trap and kill Spotted Lanternflies is sticky tree tape. Without the FOBA Trap, Lanternflies stuck on sticky tape make easy meals for backyard birds and mammals. These other species will often get themselves stuck to the tape as they attempt to capitalize on the free snack, leading to extremely distressed animals. Most of the time, the sticky glue is too much for backyards birds and mammals to overcome. We set out to design a system that expands on the effectiveness of sticky tree tape, while eliminating the problem of "bycatch," or harming unintended native species. Spotted Lanternflies already account for millions of dollars in damages and habitat destruction every year. Our mission is to help eliminate the harm these pests cause, and part of that mission includes protecting our native vertebrate species along the way. We ask you to join us in this mission. Protect our native habitats and species, and stop the spread of the invasive Spotted Lanternfly.

What a Spotted Lanternfly(Lycorma delicatula) looks like! How to identify Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted Lanternflies

Invasive Species

Spotted Lanternflies are a detrimental invasive species spreading across much of the United States. They cause hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to United States Agriculture, a figure that will only grow. Fight their spread by using the FOBA Spotted Lanternfly Trap with bycatch prevention!